Provides enhanced placement, exposure and connection to the market we provide. Directly providing new comers in the area so useful Information local establishments can have a piece of the new market and letting them know what business options they have from restaurants, entertainment, activities to personal services.

Your Choices:


$600 - 12 MONTHS

$350 - 6 MONTHS

This provides better placement and has a rotational feature on the site. Ads are not listed alphabetically in this placement is not alphabetically so all enhanced listings have an equal opportunity to get the same exposure.

This placement also has more photos for the visitor to view and the ad is more catchy because of ad size as it is larger than the basic directory. This enhanced placement can be listed on the site for 5 months or up to 12 months depending on what the advertiser feels is best for their business.

The sponsored listing also provides a complimentary ad placement in the basic directory and the duration of the ad will be based on how long the sponsored ad is active on the site.

Establisment Name


Description:______ _________ ____________ ______ ____________ ___________ _________ ____________ ______ ____________ ___________ _________ _____________ ___________ ______________ ________________ ___________ ______________

Address:______ _________

Business Hours: ______ _________

Phone: ______ _________ ____________

Website: ______ _________

Spoken Language: ______ _________ ____________

$200 - 3 MONTHS

The ads listed under this placement is in alphabetical order. They all have a uniform view and are classified by category to identify their type of business.

This basic directory serves as a list of all businesses in the area per location, per category and is for advertisers that wish to be updated on the site for additional exposure which will allow them to be viewable by site visitors and guests.

Establisment Name

Address: ______ _____ ____ _____

Business Hours: ______ _____ ____ _____

Phone: _____ ______ _____

Website:_________ ____ ___

Spoken Language: _____ ____