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Fondly referred to as the City of Lights, Paris is simply one of the most iconic cities in the whole world. With the Eiffel Tower standing proud, Paris has proven to be a city of simple elegance and sophistication. Such sophistication is timeless as seen in its cultural heritage, its art, architecture and especially its recognizable landmarks. There’s no need for extravagance and loudness to express the city’s grandeur. From the development of romanticism to Parisian gypsy jazz, Paris is a city

FLY TO Paris


Get a fantastic view of “The City of Light”

There are a few prime spots in Paris where you can get a great overlooking view of the city. Best to do this at night to see the beauty of this delightful city.

Soak in the culture and art

Paris is full of art and museums and some of the most notable in the world. A visit to Paris cannot not include the Louvre, Musee l’orangerie and many more.

Window shop til you drop

Paris is admittedly once of the most high fashion places. Countless designer stores can be found here. If you don’t have the budget to make a purchase go window shopping and enjoy the sights along the way.

Visit the various café and enjoy French delicacies and pastries

Often when you think of Paris, images of quaint cafes appear. Now imagine that plus a plateful of macarons or other delectable pastries plus a glass of wine.

See the other side of Paris

Every city has another side to it and Paris is no different. Visiting this side of Paris will gove you a look at the local scene and an appreciation for the people, disposition and culture.


The city of romance and more popularly known City of Lights, Paris is a sought after destination. The glamorous historically rich and cultured city has much to offer in the way of attractions. We have plenty of suggestions aside from the Eiffel Tower to really discover Paris.


Notre Dame kilometer zero + bookshop

A kilometer zero is where all roads meet. In Paris’ case, it is in Notre Dame, and here you’ll also find Shakespeare and Company, a bookshop that will stamp any book you purchase with Kilometer Zero. Quite a souvenir right there.


The Louvre all lit up at night (+ the Arc de Triomphe)

You might have gotten all caught up chasing after Mona Lisa through the Louvre’s winding hallways but once you get out after hours of walking you'll be amazed at the Arc de Triomphe.


River Seine boat ride

If you’ve been stuck in the Metro trying to get from landmark to landmark, what better way to conclude your day than relax on a boat cruising through the Seine? Usually an hour’s worth of ride, it takes you to several sights you’d find a pleasure to see at night.


Eiffel tower

Will there ever be a Paris trip complete without going to the Eiffel tower? If you’re ready for the long queues, brace yourself for the view will be stunning. However, it is the experience that is more spectacular.


Sacre Coeur panorama

Delivering arguably the best view of Paris during the day, Sacre Coeur takes panoramas to a new level, with steps leading to a Basilica of which you can enter for a viewing deck that gives an even higher vista of the city.


L’Escargot Montorgueil

Pricey snails translate differently when you’re in Paris. Escargot is definitely a must-try (whether you like the thought or not is out of the question if you still haven’t tried one), and L’Escargot Montorgueil will serve you one with a gold fork and warm bread. Bring a friend the next time you do!

Chez Casimir

What is cheesier than cheese is you sticking to that one go-to variant at home. Well, when you’re in Paris, cheesy talk is different, and a cheese plate like Chez Casimir’s alongside good baguette is definitely a cheese adventure you must take. Have a drink of your choice when you walk in to their wine cellar, too!

Au Bourguignon du Marais

If you’ve ever dreamed of wine tasting in Paris without breaking the bank, then Au Bourguignon du Marais is for you. Barely above retail prices, locals and tourists alike flock here for great food and a good time. There’s definitely wine for everyone, and expect the unexpected when it comes to their wine selection. Attentive service tops it all off – ahh, parfait.


Versailles upon her marrying King Louis XV. Stohrer was then opened in 1730, and it’s still famous now for its Baba Au-Rhum, a cake named by Marie’s father, inspired by Ali Baba from reading One Thousand and One Nights. Well, you certainly need not wait for a thousand and one nights to try the pastry – find out for yourself why Stohrer is still a favorite until now.

Creperie Bretonne

It is always recommended to try local – those creperies dotting the streets preparing crepes right before your eyes. However, this one’s an exception. Creperie Bretonne’s Crêpe Au Caramel Au Beurre Salé takes one’s tastes buds to crepe heaven. Go and save some room for crepe! (Who are we kidding, there’s always room for crepe.

Ladurée Beauté

Experience an authentic Parisian tea room and delight in their macarons. The restaurant and pastry shop offers many enchanting patisserie selections.