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A modern hub of culture and technology with a classical touch, Berlin is teeming with various things to do and visit. Being the second most populous city in the European Union, Berlin is one of the central areas for communication, culture, technology, as well as transportation within the union. Despite the hints of modernity, Berlin is also known for various cultural heritage sites which enjoy international recognition. This interplay between the classic and the modern makes Berlin a must see de

FLY TO Berlin


Ponder the historical persuasion

Berlin has seen its share of despair of sadness what with the Cold War and the devastation it left behind. What’s left is a marvellous and vigorous city.

Take in the impressive museums

Visiting the local museum seems to be on everyone’s travel checklist as it should be. There’s no better way to learn about the city you’re visitng.

Go clubbing

Known for having a good time as well, clubs are in abundance with Berlin Style Techno.

Take a stroll

Berlin can seem like one giant park. With large forested areas such as Grunewald forest time will pass by fast just strolling around.

Honour those past

Memorials in Berlin are of significant importance as they ensure the memory of those lost are honoured and remembered.


Berlin’s charm can be seen in its abundance of attractions, galleries and beer gardens. The nightlife is lively and lasts all night with caverns, cabarets and even symphonies. Berlin is also rich in culture having been ravaged by war but its beauty preserved with its forests, rivers, and historical sites.


Grunewald Forest

A vast forest area teeming with greenery, Grunewald forest is a perfect site for a morning hike capped off with a picnic lunch to take a break from the fast paces life of the metropolis. Location: Havelchausee 61 14193 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Brandenburg Gate

One if not the most popular landmark of Germany, the Brandenburg gate serves as a neoclassical monument which serves as the city gate for Berlin during earlier times Location: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Monster Kabinett

Not for the faint-hearted and squeamish, the Monster Kabinett is an interesting hybrid between Giger-ean concept art and a popular haunted house themed attraction. Visitors a re welcomed by various metal sculptures which are the stuff of nightmares and an over-all eerie vibe.


Aquadom at Radisson Blue Berlin

Considered as the largest vertical standing fish aquarium in the world, the AquaDom is home to approximately 56 different species of aquatic creatures.


The Berlin Cathedral

The Berliner Dom as it is most famously referred to is the largest cathedral in the city and is a perfect example of the classical touch of 19th century architecture.


Bar Raval

Famous for being a frontrunner in the Spanish cuisine wave in Berlin, Bar Raval offers authentic Spanish dishes such as tapas as well as Bellota ham. The place is owned by renowned artist Daniel Bruhl.

Da Henne (Das Alt-Berliner Wirthaus)

Good food need not be expensive. At times when going on trips hit you with a little bit of home sickness nothing screams of comfort that good ol’ crisp chicken. Da Henne serves a german take on the universal comfort food served with a side of tangy slaw.

Imren Grill

No trip to Berlin will ever be complete without grabbing the famous Doner kebab. This german delicacy lifted from the Turkish kebab is best served by Imren Grill, a popular place among those who serve the Doner kebab.


Considered as Berlin’s best Hugos’ serves classic and authentic Berlin dishes with a modern take and twist.


No trip to Germany is ever complete without tasting locally made beer. This authentic German brewery offers a wide variety of local brews for sampling.

Restaurant Tim Raue

This Asian inspired restaurant is sure to impress and they have the Michelin stars to prove it.