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Much like other important cities Lisbon is considered as the modern hub for economics, culture, architecture, as well as education for Portugal. Being the capital of Portugal, Lisbon features most government structures as well as offices. What makes Lisbon distinct though is the amount of history that can be seen in the place given that Lisbon dates back to the early Pre-Roman times making it one of the oldest established cities in Western Europe. Such history and culture can be readily defined

FLY TO Lisbon


Enjoy the breathtaking views

The city of Lisbon is also known as “da cidade das sete Colinas” the city of seven hills. With plenty of viewpoints at various locations you’ll set your sights on breathtaking panoramas.

Dance to traditional Portuguese music

Fado clubs are beloved music bars where singers perform traditional Portuguese music. Immerse yourself in the culture and people here.

Find a bakery.

Lisbon is a sweet tooth’s haven. Just some of the sweet treats to try are Pastéis de Nata, tartes de maça, and. Travesseiros.

Go treasure hunting

Feira da Ladra is Lisbon’s most famous flea market. You’re sure to find some precious finds and enjoy the scenery while doing so.

Get your fill of Portuguese cuisine at food markets

Portuguese food markets are considered gourmet food halls filled with different twists to the local homemade favorites. Expect bounties of seafood, sun-ripened fruits, lamb and dishes with free-range pig as the main ingredient.


Picturesque postcard surroundings and charming cobbled districts are the allure of the capital of Portugal. You’ll see ancient ruins and cathedrals laid out in a rich and historic city with hand painted walls, brick red roofs and mosaic plazas.


Vasco da Gama Tower

This steel tower represents the sails of a Caravel. This structure is considered one of the highlights when you visit Lisbon. The structure once featured an observation deck at the top where you can look at the scenery that surrounds the tower


Palace of the Marquises of Fronteira

Renowned for its unique design as well as architecture, the Palace of the Marquises is a sure stunner for anyone visiting Lisbon for the first time. The palace also features various works of art most notably the statues depicting Roman gods as well as the scenes that depict the Portuguese Restoration War.


Gare do Oriente

This unique landmark is a useful one as it serves the main transport center in all of Portugal. The Gare do Oriente is the major bus, train, and metro station that serves the whole of Portugal. Despite this service it should be noted that the modern yet intricate design of the station makes it hard for anyone to just leave on a bus going elsewhere.


Thieves Market

This street market open during Tuesdays and Saturdays is the place to go if you’re into everything vintage and antiquated. You’re bound to find something interesting at a very reasonable price.


Belém Tower

Guarding the Lisbon harbor is what the people consider as an iconic symbol for all of Portugal. This homage to the various discoveries of Portugal during their Age of Discovery features various events that time carved in the façade of the tower. The piece is topped off by the Our Lady of Safe Homecoming which reminds the sailors of their safe voyages.


Mercado da Ribeira, Cais do Sodré

This food court offers a variety of kiosks and food stands that is sure to have something for everyone’s taste. Most of the stalls offer various takes on Portuguese flavors for a reasonable price.

Atira-te ao Rio, Cacilhas

It’s always nice to be able to pair a very nice authentic meal with a breath taking view. The Atira-te ao Rio offers a view of rive while dining on meticulously prepared dishes such as fish stew and swordfish.

À Margem

Located beside the river this quaint restaurant offers a spectacular view of the Torre de Belem while serving refreshing dishes such as toasted bruschetta perfect for pairing with wine as well as cocktails.

A Travessa

A Travessa serves up seasonal dishes that include fresh seafood which is a plus! Make sure to get a table overlooking the courtyard and enjoy a glass of their fine wine selections.

Bon Jardim

Right in the middle of town, this is the place for Portugal’s no-nonsense national dish of crispy piri-piri-covered chicken and chips. Local form dictates this is best eaten with your hands while loudly scoffing at the football or Brazilian soap that blares from the television.

Pastel de Belem

Pastel De Belem serves a specialty of mini egg tarts. Small, sweet, sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar this pastry delight is a well-kept secret recipe and remains unchanged to this day. Made by hand daily you’ll be treated to the freshest selection of ingredients.