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Oh the luck of the Irish! Before going to the nearest pub and experiencing Irish hospitality while enjoying the company of friends and family find the time to tour around to get to know the city more. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is the cultural center of the country. A city rich in history Dublin is home to various historical landmarks such as the Dublin Castle and the Spire of Dublin. It’s museums as well as architecture tell the history of the old city. But most of all you stay for th

FLY TO Dublin



Since the castle doors have welcomed the public, it’s been a favorite tourist attraction getting to see the inside of these majestic fortresses.

Grab a pint

Grab a pint at the local pub and make sure to visit old style Dublin bars to get a feel for the local character and color.

Homegrown traditional Irish cuisine

Of course, you have to try the traditional food in Dublin from the sausages to the black pudding. The Irish are heavy on the meat so expect every meal to be a satisfyingly full one.

Stroll through the city

Take in the scenery and the locals with a tour of the north to the south. Start at Phoenix Park, head on to Ha'Penny Bridge and find yourself on the medieval streets of Temple Bar. Visit the shops along Grafton Street and make sure to tour the Guinness Storehouse.

Tour the Guinness Storehouse

One of the most popular, if not most popular tourist attraction is the Guinness Storehouse which some may consider the heart of the charming city


Dublin is a walkable city full of history and culture to explore. There are plenty of galleries and museums to visit. Choose a place to settle in at the various bars and cafés.


Dublin Castle

If you’re looking for what’s symbolically Dublin, then you need not go any farther than Dublin Castle. Inside it is a Black Pool (“Dubh Linn”), where the city gets its name from. Visitors are welcome to the State Apartments


National Wax Museum

From cartoon characters to historical figures, Explore and experience the Science Discovery Zone, Wax Factor, and Recording Studio, bringing in the novelty and fun for kids and adults alike.


Malahide Castle

Different sports facilities are actually available inside the castle such as tennis and golf, but one would need to take a tour of the Secret Walled Gardens to really say one has been here, and there’s really no reason no to as it is the main highlight of the visit.


Ha’penny Bridge

Taking its name from the ha’penny, the exact price for a ferry ride across the river during the pre-modern industrialization period, It is the first pedestrian bridge the Dubliners ever had and was the only one until the opening of the Millennium Bridge in 1999. Crossing this bridge is traversing Dublin’s history in every sense.


Iveagh Gardens

Get lost in a 300-year nature history in the yew maze, rosarium, and fountains of the Iveagh Gardens, more popularly know as Dublin’s “Secret Garden”. The best time to visit is said to be during the summer.


My Meat Wagon

Beef brisket, pork belly, ribs, chicken and an onion ring in one platter still not enough to satisfy your meat cravings? Choose two more sides! If you have an extra large appetite, or if you’re just really a meat lover, head to My Meat Wagon.


Trocadero has been around for over 50 years and offers its patrons an almost-theatrical dining experience with dim lighting perfect for intimate dinners with your family or a significant other.

The Winding Stair

A three-storey second-hand bookshop of the same name stood in the same place before as the top-notch restaurant that it is now, and you can get good craft beer and food with locally-sourced ingredients to go with that great read you’ve found.

The Palace Bar

Why not avoid the night crowds in The Palace Bar and head during the day instead – a wide range of Irish craft beers, whiskeys, and the house specialty Palace Bar Whiskey pick no time of the day to be enjoyed.

O’Donoghues bar

With O’Donoghues’ rich heritage and musical history, the bar is worth visiting if only for the bar in itself. But of course, don’t pass on the chance to grab some amazing Irish craft beer with the company of Irish men who’d might as well tell you about O’Donoghues’ wall of musicians to keep you entertained.

The Woollen Mills

Being in business for over one hundred years has made this restaurant an iconic one. The Dublin heritage is in the traditional food they serve. You can grab a coffee and bun or order a full on meal with Irish ham, sausage rolls, pork and beef ribs and of course pair it with craft beer.