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What once was a humble fishing village is now one of the most sought after destinations in Europe. The capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam features a rich cultural history. Famous for its canals, Amsterdam also shares a rich architectural history as seen in buildings such as Oude Kerk and a symbol of the duct architectural renaissance the Westerkerk. Amsterdam also features various open parks and squares that are perfect for a nice afternoon stroll or for hanging out with family after a tiring

5 things to do in Amsterdam

Take in the various museums
We don’t just mean art museums but the different unique museums that Amsterdam has to offer.
Visit the Parks
English-style gardens and tulip fields will provide a relaxing side to your travels.
Cannabis cafes
Controversial all on its own, cannabis cafes are popping up. Now worries though as these are legal by Amsterdams standards
Tour the Unesco World Heritage listed canals
It’s always an honor to set foot on Unesco World Heritage sights so you mustn’t miss a chance to tour Amsterdam’s canals.
Bike amongst the locals
There are more 2 wheeled modes of transportation than 4 wheeled ones and that only ensures to preserve the beautiful surroundings and promote a healthy lifestyle.
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What to expect in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most intriguing cities to visit. The Red Light District and legalized marijuana are just a couple of the things that may surprise you. There are lots to do in Amsterdam and you may just not get to fit everything into one trip so make sure to check out our suggestions.

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Cheese Museum

Such a quaint shop of cheese turns out to be Amsterdam’s Cheese Museum. Taste test different variants of cheese to your heart’s content. It is highly likely that you’ll go out of the museum’s shop lugging a cheese or two. Or three. Or four.
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Bright lights and wild heights in December is definitely a great idea in Amsterdam. Swing around inside rides in the cool chilly air and grab some hot snacks and you’ll have a great winter night.
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Sex Museum

Located in the busiest spot in Amsterdam, the Sexmuseum is a tourist’s first taste of Amsterdam’s liberality. Step inside (minimum 16 years of age) and get quirky photo opportunities inside.
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Anne Frank House

The place where Anne Frank herself hid to write her diary, the Anne Frank Huis has always been one of the most-visited attractions in Amsterdam. Plan your trip well though, as the cues can be absurdly long. If you get stuck in one, well, you’re always free to admire Amsterdam’s distinct street scene.
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Boat Ride Canal Tours

A boat ride on Amsterdam’s canals is a great way to relax after hours of walking. Admire the city’s distinct colors and architecture along the way.
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Van Gogh Museum

If you’re a sucker for the eccentric painter’s works then do not ever miss the chance to go to the Van Gogh Museum. However, as in the Anne Frank House, lines can be intolerable at times so plan your trip and check your options well.

Places to Dine in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers unique culinary experiences. Don't miss a chance to try traditional Dutch food. Amsterdam has an air of a big village where you can enjoy the local delicacies while appreciating the historical surroundings.

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Describing itself as “an attitude-free zone, for gays, lesbians, bi, queers, and straights”, Getto even has its burgers named after the drag queens who perform there. Liberal burger? Served.
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Singel 404

Singel 404 is your go-to lunch place and locals love it. DIY your own broodje (sandwiches) and enjoy the view by the canal when the sun is shining.
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Street Vendors Stroopwafels

Need we say more? Snack on these Stroopwafels and get the XL.
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Dining in Pllek is quite interesting mainly because of the artificial beach. Load up on organic vegetables and meat while chilling at this old sea containers turned restaurant.
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Since it’s quite tricky to find Roest, take advantage that you’ve read this and you know how to get there. A self-service bar for a variety of beers brewed in Amsterdam, customers also get to share their input, resulting to Roest’s varying interiors reflecting its patrons’ creative juices.
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The Pancake Bakery

A must try in Amsterdam are the dainty Poffertjes which are fluffy mini pancakes generously topped with powdered sugar and butter. What better place to try this then at a pancake bakery where their concoctions are varied and certified delicious?