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From West End to the Queen in Buckingham Palace, London is and will always be one of the places that exudes grandeur and sophistication. The capital of England, London is the center of government, culture as well as economics. London is a breathtaking city filled with various landmarks that tells a story. Its cultural heritage is deep and rich. Aside from the usual landmarks that the city is famous for its rich cultural diversity tells much of what London really is. There is literally so much to

5 things to do in London

Enter a magical world
London, the setting of the popular magical world of Harry Potter is a must visit for both fans of the books and movies. The best way to see it is through walking tours where you can visit iconic locations, taste Butter beer and Bernie Botts Every Flavoured Beans and so much more. Follow the footsteps of Harry, Ron and all around the muggle world of London.
See a musical
The West End is the place to be if you’d like to catch a show. From award winning plays to heart-warming adaptations, you won’t run out of choices but rather run out of time trying to see them all! The London Theatre has made some of the best productions and is an experience not to be missed.
Witness the grandeur of the monarchy up close and personal
All around the world British royalty has gained a massive following. It’s only in London that you’ll see the grandeur of a royal palace, the well-to-do and a fascinating monarchy. We follow the lives of the royalty hoping to one day be a prince or a princess. Luckily for us we can get a taste of it by visiting Buckingham Palace and Kensignton Palace, tea at The Orangery and look in awe at Westminster Abbey.
Be in two places at once
You can be in two places at once on the historic Prime Meridien which divides the Earth’s eastern and western hemispheres. That’s quite a feat of its own
Have afternoon tea
Afternoon tea is a traditional ritual in London. Tea time can be at tea rooms, hotels, restaurants and the comfort of your own home. Usually it’s paired with sandwiches and scones and makes a perfect opportunity for a quick catch up with friends or people watching!
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What to expect in London

There’s so much to see of London that your trip will be full of cultural and trendy visits and the train system will make it that much easier. Your visit should include these landmarks and don’t forget to have that traditional afternoon tea or a trip to the theatre.

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West End Musicals

How can one miss those flashing lights and colorful signs that complete London’s distinctively rich street scene? There’s more than The Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables to enjoy – so don’t worry about running out of musicals to watch!
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M&M’s World

Let’s face it. Adults or kids alike, there’s been a time when we munched on these colorful chocolates. Satisfy your cravings in the M&M’s world and feast your eyes on your rainbow chocolate dreams.
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Tower Bridge

For an entrance fee, you can step inside the Tower Bridge museum and on a glass viewing platform. However, most tourists and locals alike would agree that Tower bridge is even more magnificent when viewed from afar, especially at night. Must.
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Kensington Palace and Gardens

If you are interested on how the royalty came to be, but you’re find the Buckingham Palace too crowded with tourists, then head to the Kensington Palace and Gardens. The writings around the palace in elegant script are whimsical, and recount the days of the young royalties.
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Buckingham Palace

Oh, how can anyone miss the Buckingham Palace? Even outside the palace grounds, gold accents adorn gates and statues. A popular attraction is the “Changing of the guards”, which happens only during certain times of the day
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Sherlock Holmes Museum

Even if you’re not a fan, the place itself is a must-see. Step into 221b Baker Street and see for yourself. As Sherlock says, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Places to Dine in London

You won’t just be dining on tea and scones when you travel to London. London’s food scene is a variety of sophisticated dishes, finger foods and delectable desserts.

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A former Victorian toilet, Attendant has been transformed into a brunch café that serves you good coffee with history. It’s been around since 1890 and has been restored only recently, keeping its original Victorian floor tiles and Doulton & Co.
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Winter Wonderland

It’s the food that catches one’s attention – colorful candies, hot coffee, freshly baked donuts, fish and chips, and so much more, and all come with a spectacular view of the holidays’ lights.
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Elliot’s in Borough Market

Not only do you get to go to Borough Market, but you also get to taste flavor-packed, fresh grills prepared only with the crew’s absolute best. Enjoy the best of the two food hubs together and you’re in for a hearty meal.
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Nowadays, game cafes are on trend. However, if you want the real deal then head to Bounce, where ping pong was invented out of champagne cork balls and cigar box paddles.
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The Craft Beer Co.

Boasting the largest tap selection in the UK, you’re never short of any kind of beer in the Craft Beer Co. With an American Diner inspired menu and handmade snacks gladly served to you, it’s the place to go for pure chill and fun with friends while getting to know different craft beers from around the world (if you’re sober enough though!)
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Mother Mash

For those not familiar with this London dish, Bangers and Mash is sausages and mashed potatoes and is a favorite among the working class. Found in most pubs, the homey combination of sausages and mashed potatoes as simple as it sounds is one of the meals you should be trying on your next visit.