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Most associate Miami with fun beaches and a wild night life. But then again Miami is also know for its rich Cuban heritage as well as various cultural and historical landmarks. What used to be a seaport city is now an expansive metropolis garnering Miami the nickname the Magic City. Miami is also a hub for various institutions such as banks, research institutes, and museums. Miami has a lot to offer from various festivals to museums as well as a distinct cuisine coming from the rich Cuban cultur

FLY TO Miami


Explore the arts and culture of Miami

There’s much art and culture to explore in the sunny city of Miami. Be immersed in dance, theatre, music and the visual arts with the many galleries, films, and shows in demand.

Miami Beaches

A trip to Miami isn’t complete without a visit to a Miami beach. Have your pick of the famous South Beach to the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

The Nightlife Scene

Miami really comes to life when the sun goes down. The nightlife doesn’t just include bars and clubs. There’s much to explore from art walks, to movies in the park to museum nightlife.

Shopping at the best boutiques

With flashy art deco establishments and sexy beach attire are chic boutiques. What’s great about Miami is that it’s a diverse community with diverse cultures. Clothing can range from bargain finds to upscale couture.

Visit the historic attractions

Miami is chalk full of historical structures and attractions. The oldest building in the Western Hemisphere, the Ancient Spanish Monastery can be found in North Miami Beach. The beach is also a sight for the famous Art Deco Historic District with the largest collection in the world of Art Deco architecture.


Miami may be known for its beaches but there’s much more to the Magic City than that. Miami is also famous for Art Deco, art galleries, celebrity sightings and a vibrant culture scene. The gleaming turquoise waters and splashy architecture is a sight to see.


Villa Vizcaya

This former estate of businessman James Deering, the Villa features various museums notable for its collection of European decorative art. Aside from the art the Villa also houses various gardens along the open courtyard.


Miami Seaquarium

One of the oldest aquariums in the United States, the Miami Seaquarium offers various exhibits featuring various aquatic wildlife such as turtles, fish, dolphins, and sharks!


Fairchil Botanic Garden

This botanical garden has a diverse collection of rare and wild flora. Aside from being an oasis within the urban city, Fairchild also serves as an educational institutions aiming for environmental conservation. Fairchild also features various exhibits from butterfly enclosures as well as various museums and galleries.



Get to know the history of Florida in the exhibition piece Tropical Dreams which focuses on the foundation as well as the expansion and development of the state. Other exhibits include the Aviation collection of Pan-Am paraphernalia and the Seminole collection.


Freedom Tower

Currently a contemporary art museum , the Freedom tower is a monument for the Cubans who fled the communist rule of Fidel Castro. The exhibits on the second floor is free of charge and is must visit!


Joe’s Stone Crab

An authentic Miami experience is not complete without tasting Stone Crabs! Joe’s in a Miami institution serving up tasty Stone Crabs paired with a key lime pie dessert. What more can you ask for?

El Mago de la Frita

Experience authentic Cuban Fritas in Miami with arguably the best joint to get yourself some tasty Fritas! Try the Frita a Caballo and the Croquetas!

El Rey del Chivito

Made with grilled steak, crisp bacon, cheese, fried egg, and vegetable garnishes this whopping sandwich plus the relaxed environment of the restaurant makes for a tasty dinner!

Edge Steak and Bar

This upscale steak house makes use of locally produced and seasonal ingredients t serve up fresh and tasty dishes. Make sure to order the beef or lamb, and for those seafood lovers the grilled mahi mahi!

B&M Market

Taste the Caribbean in this nifty take out place along 79th street. Try the Jerk Chicken and curried goat for a flavorful lunch take out!

El Exquisito Restaurant

Serving lovingly prepared Cuban food for over 30 years, El Exquisito Restaurant serves home cooked meals like they just came from your grandmother’s kitchen. The restaurant was once a simple cafeteria and has now expanded to a full blown restaurant serving over 50 people.