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America. The Land of the free and the home of the brave. Amidst all the landmarks and the memorials scattered throughout the country nothing is more symbolic of the liberty of the United States than that of the State Capital. Washington holds many of the landmarks and monuments that are symbolic of the country’s history as well as freedom. Along with the monuments the district also holds the three branches of government making it a central figure in American politics. Then again Washington is mo

5 things to do in Washington

Be in awe of the memorials and monuments
Washington D.C. is the epicentre of memorials and monuments honouring the individuals who went above and beyond for their country. Make sure to mark your maps with the Thomas Jefferson, FDR and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials, Korean War, Veteran Memorial, Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and The World War II Memorial.
All that Jazz
Being the birthplace of jazz legend Duke Ellington, it’s natural to assume there are jazz clubs and you’d be right. Visit the top music districts to enjoy and appreciate those jazz tunes.
Visit the museums
In Washington D.C. you’ll find high quality museums. Some of the best museums in DC offer plenty of culture. The Smithsonian Institution,the world’s largest museum and research complex has 19 museums and galleries. Other museums to visit are the National Museum of American History, Woodrow Wilson House Museum and the International Spy Museum.
Experience the history and art
Washington D.C. is the center of government in the United States. Tour the White House and visit the East Wing, the Blue Room, Red Room and Green Room; the State Dining Room; the China Room; and a view of the White House Rose Garden. Learn about the buildings, courtrooms, laws and people involved in making changes at the Supreme Court. Also places to visit are the Pentagon, The Library of Congress, and the U.S. Capitol.
Walk on the waterfront
After a day of immersing yourself in memorials, monuments and government buildings take a walk on the Georgetown waterfront. People-watch, have a picnic, or enjoy the view of sights such as the Key Bridge, Potomac, the Washington Harbour and more.
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What to expect in Washington

It’s easy to ride the Metro or hop on a bike and explore all that DC has to offer. Walk the halls of free Smithsonian museums, paddle on the Potomac River or sit back on a double-decker tour bus and soak up some history. Local shops, funky marketplaces and people-watching hot spots beckon by midday, as nighttime gives way to multi-course dinners and drinks from local breweries. However you spend your time here, make it count. in this incredibly picturesque city.

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Lincoln Memorial

Built to honor then President Abraham Lincoln, the memorial is symbolic of the impact that Lincoln was able to give to the United States of America. From the symbolic columns to the inaugural speech one cannot help but feel the amount of history that the monument represents.
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The Washington Monument

Erected in commemoration of George Washington, the Washington Monument is an obelisk that is considered as the tallest of its kind as well as being the tallest stone structure in the world. Various memorial stones coming from various groups also add to the solemnity of the structure.
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The Three Branches of Government

No visit to the capital is ever complete without visiting the US Capitol, the US Supreme Court, as well as the White House. Make sure to book guided tours to fully enjoy your visit as well as to get to know the history behind each building. Some tours (like the case viewing for the Supreme Court) have limited slots so be sure to book in advance.
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The Holocaust Museum

A very solemn memorial, the Holocaust museum is a must visit for anyone who plans to go to Washington DC. The museum provides guided tours that explain the events that led to the holocaust as well as its impact during its time.
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National Museum of Natural History

Administered by the Smithsonian Institution, the museum offers various collections of specimens and artifacts from geology to human origins and western cultures.
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The Newseum

A unique museum which features various exhibits on news history. Various interactive exhibits such as the Hot Seat as well as the Story of News. Various galleries documenting various news pieces and articles evoke the rich history of journalism. Lastly make sure to catch the news on Today’s Front Pages which features news from 80 international newspapers.

Places to Dine in Washington

The diverse nationalities and culture of the state’s capital makes for a bedrock of international and local cuisine. Some of the best places to dine in Washington are historc restaurants serving up local masterpieces. Eat your way through these restaurants along with taverns and inns.

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Boundary Stone

Who doesn’t love a good plate of wings and a nice cold bottle of beer. Truly a bang for buck this place serves one of the best plates of wings this side of Washington!
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The place to go for authentic Italian cuisine in Washington. Carefully prepared dishes are are perfect for pairing with a nice glass of wine.Try the veal meatballs as well as the papardelle.
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Le Diplomate

This cozy French bistro offers the full authentic French experience right in the heart of DC. Try the veal escalope as well as the roasted duck breast but then the extensive menu is sure to have something for anyone.
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Locally sourced ingredients prepared to make internationally inspired comfort food. SUNdeVICH serves up internationally inspired sandwiches at a fairly reasonable price. Try the Jerk chicken sandwich or the Havana
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Compass Rose

A great place to go to unwind and chill! Compass Rose serves various international streetfood as well as various cocktails to pair them with. Perfect for afternoon cocktails or post-dinner hang outs enjoy the world as you sample each carefully prepared dish and cocktail
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A small neighborhood bistro, Marvin is named after soul singer-songwriter Marvin Gaye. Marvin’s menu reflects Gaye’s formative years in his hometown of DC and the culinary delights he encountered during his travels.