About Us


eGetinnz is the newest travel accommodation booking website that is here to help you leap around the world. It is your choice of accommodation when you travel, providing you smart choice when looking for home away from yours.


eGetinnz can assist everyone, folks from different walks of life, individuals looking for a place to conduct business, families wanting to bond and make memories, or even backpackers and group travellers in need of a place to seek experiences.

With eGetinnz, our personal commitment is to qualify hosts, ensure that the properties listed on the website meet the customers needs and their are real people welcoming the guests that trust eGetinnz.


What sets eGetinnz apart from other established booking websites is its credibility, it is not only real people, real properties with eGetinnz but also real people, real solutions. There are genuine people that will take care of you behind the eGetinnz brand in addition to that there are absolutely no hidden charges with eGetinnz. No extra pop-up add-ons, that leave travelers and tourists alike confused and bewildered.

Decide and reside at a very competitive price. eGetinnz offers a wide variety of properties that guests can choose from. You can always check for the availability of accommodation here on our website. Live while you can, travel now, and book with us.