Put your property to good use and earn by providing a home away from home for travelers from across the globe. eGetinnz is the best marketplace for hosts to list their properties and have it discovered worldwide.

eGetinnz wants to connect your property to renters that would need and want your accommodation for their short term stay whether it be for a family, business or personal travel. We want to let you know that we have studied how to showcase your property to get the best possible revenue from the best market of renters that are available.

How do I list my space?

You are welcome to share your place on eGetinnz, whether be it a tree house or a sofa bed.

Find the List My Inn button on the drop-down menu under Host and you will be guided step by step to list your place.

Besides basic information, it is also very important to showcase all advantages and features to make your space attractive to travelers. To help you showcase your space, we allow you to:

  • Customize listing name. Picking a name summarizing unique features of your space is the key to attract guests in the first place.
  • Write a description for your space. Give details of features of your place to let your guests know what they can expect. Maybe say a story of your place to help them visualize their stay.
  • Showcase amenities. Guests usually have their specific needs. Make sure you include all the amenities you have.
  • Upload listing photos. Needless to say photos say more than words.
  • Set your own price and availability. You can edit your price and availability based on your situation anytime you want.

How do I edit my listings?

  1. Hover on Host to find Manage Listings on the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Edit button the listing you want to edit.
  3. Click on the section that requires changes.

Please note that edits apply to reservations after you make the changes. Remember to click Save when you finish editing each section.


Can I continue editing listings I have left uncompleted?

If you leave the listing editing page without saving it, the information you have entered will be automatically saved. You can find the listing you have left uncompleted and continue to finish it.

  1. Go to Manage Listings.
  2. Click on Uncompleted Listings on the left.
  3. Select the listing you want to continue editing.

How do I deactivate or reactivate my listing?

If you want to hide your listing from search results, go to Host - Manage Listings and use the Unlist button to deactivate it.

If you want to list it again, go to Host - Manage Listings and use the Relist button to reactivate it.

What do I do after I receive a booking request?

After you receive a booking request, you have 24 hours to decide whether to accept the booking or not. Though the request will expire automatically after 24 hours, you should give a prompt response so the guest can make alternative plans.

What happens if my guest cancels a reservation?

We try our best to reduce your loss from cancellations by your guests.

If your guest cancels a reservation before their check-in day, lodging fee for the first night will still be paid to you. Reserved dates of the cancelled booking will be open for reservations again.

Guests are not allowed to cancel any unused days on their check-in day or after they check in.

How do I cancel a reservation?

We suggest you think twice before you consider cancelling a reservation, especially a reservation close to the check in date. If you really have to cancel a reservation, please make your best effort to reduce the implications this will bring to your guest. Cancel as soon as you think it through and make an alternative offer to your guest on eGetinnz if you have any.

Besides a full refund to your guest and a charge of service fee to you as stated in the Cancellation Policy, cancellation penalties apply when you cancel a reservation, including:

  1. An auto review by the system indicating the cancellation by you;
  2. Blocking the reserved dates of the cancelled booking.

To cancel a reservation:

  1. Find Reservations on the drop-down menu under Host.
  2. Click Accepted Reservations.
  3. Find the reservation you wish to cancel and use the Cancel button to cancel it.