How do I create an account?

An eGetinnz account is required if you want to make a reservation or list your space. You will not be charged for signing up an account. Feel free to use the link below to register a new account:

It will take only one minute to finish the signup process. Please make sure you complete your profile after the procedure. Your hosts/guests would like to know more about you before making a decision of whether or not to book or accept you.

You can also use your Facebook account to log in.

Can I change my account email?

If your email address is connected to your eGetinnz account, it becomes invalid or for some reason you want to use another account email, eGetinnz allows you to change your account email without going through the signup process again.

1 Hover on your name to open the menu and find Account Settings
2 Click on Change Account Email on the left
3 Enter your new email address you wish to use as your account email
4 Save your new setting
5 Check your new email address for a verification email
6 Use the link in the email to verify your new email address

How do I change my password?

Keeping your password safe is very important. If you believe your password is not strong enough or has become insecure, please go to Account Setting - Change Password to reset your password.

How do I retrieve my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instruction to retrieve your password:

1 Find Forgot Password on the login page
2 Enter your email address
3 Check your inbox for a link to the password reset page
4 Reset your password

How do I edit my profile?

Users are required to create a profile and fill out basic information when signing up for an eGetinnz account as eGetinnz is an online community is built on trust. Viewing someone's profile is the only way get to know them before requesting or accepting a booking. Some fields are required because some hosts may set criteria for guests. For example, a shared room may only welcome a same-sex guest. Other optional fields can help you find compatible guests or hosts who share same hobbies with you. To edit your profile, please go to Profile under your name.

How do I leave a review?

Hosts and guests can leave reviews for each other. Leaving an honest review will provide additional information to other users and help make better decisions. In your review, you can thank your host for their hospitality or give other guests a heads-up about the bad traffic they might encounter.

In addition to reviews, you can also submit a star rating based on your experience with your host/guest.

To leave a review, please go to Host - Reviews - Reviews By Me.

To check reviews for you, please to go Host - Reviews - Review About Me.

How do mail notifications work?

eGetinnz informs you of news about reservations, payments, cancellations, reviews, promotions and other updates in connection with your activities on eGetinnzi via emails. You have an option to turn off email notifications by going to Account Settings - Email Notification.

Please note that after you turn off email notifications, you will still receivesystem messages on eGetinnzregarding foregoing matters to keep you informed.

How do I view and send messages?

Communications between hosts and guests are held on eGetinnz before a reservation and payment is successfully made. Guests start messaging hosts on the listing page by using the Contact Host button. Messages related to the same host/guest are threaded together into a one-on-one conversation. The number of unread new messages will be shown on top of the page. You can click Messages to view and reply.For your privacy and safety, please don't include your contact information in your messages before a reservation is made.

How does eGetinnz charge for services?

Listing and searching for listings are totally free on eGetinnz. You are free to explore eGetinnz. We will only charge users a service fee when a reservation is confirmed. The service fees are 8-11% for guests and 5% for hosts. After entering accommodation days and number of guests, guests can see the accommodation fee and its breakdown including service fee.

If a booking request is cancelled, declined or expires, we don't charge a service fee.

If a guest cancels a confirmed reservation, the service fee charged to the guest is non-refundable.