Guest Comment


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I had the most pleasant experience booking with eGetInnz. It was very easy doing the entire booking process, and the hosts of the properties were also very easy to communicate with.

- Jaime, Pasig


I get the most out of this site than any other! I like how it’s detailed and customized to your preferences. When I visit the Make Your Own Adventure page I get so many new ideas and then start to think how I’m going to get to all these places. It’s exciting!

- Patrick, UK


I just wanted to tell eGetInnz how much I appreciate their service in helping us rent our vacation house. It’s far better than the other sites we tried. Thank you so much!

- Thelma Frajer, New York

I tried booking with eGetInnz and just like any other people, I had my reservations because my experiences with other websites are not that pleasant but with eGetInnz I at peace.

- Jean, Makati



eGetInnz was very accommodating, the agent did all the recommendations and answer all my inquiries. The Host was very kind and friendly. You will know for yourself which is the better accommodation website.

- Mark James, QC


It was amazing and they did meet with my expectations. They were able to give us the best options on where to stay and gave us the right descriptions of the place we want to visit.

- Paulo, Alabang