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eGetinnz has been a blessing! We signed up initially just for a trial. The rentals generated from eGetinnz are easy to manage! We are thrilled with eGetinnz and would encourage anyone to use their site to post your accomodation property.

- Yuri Mave, Hanoi Vietnam

Thank You! eGetinnz Is AMAZING! My property has been rented out so many times. Your customer service is also amazing. What an excellent company and concept. I owe you more than just the experience!

- Patricia Jacinto, Philippines

I can’t believe I got great traffic from eGetinnz and have so many more inquiries since I started with you. Thank you so much!

- Gouang Chng, Singapore City

We tried them all! When we found eGetinnz , it was easier for us to market our property and I can hardly feel the fees!

- Celestine Shanes, United Kingdom


We are super impressed with eGetinnz! The site is so easy to navigate. No confusion at all. The support has been quick, helpful and brilliant. Listing my property here has been one of the best decisions I made.

- Erwilson Wade, Houston TX