Instant Booking is a faster way to secure the property your guest would like to book. The inquiries for the property listing do not need to be approved by the host before it gets booked. Guests can easily select the property based on their travel dates, book the property by clicking the BOOK NOW button and message host via messaging system to discuss their reservation.

Key Advantages:

  • Convenience: Book guests without having to respond to each request.
  • More guest interest: Guests can use filters to search for listings that can be booked instantly. Instant Booking listings are more popular with guests since they’re able to easily plan their trip. 
  • Search placement: Instant Booking positively affects your response rate for your listing, which can improve your listing’s placement in search results.

How can Host opt for Instant Booking?

The Instant Booking option should be enabled in the Listing when you add your property. This will automatically be applied to all dates available on your calendar. When the guest passes the requirements and gets VERIFIED they can now book your property instantly.

How to enable or disable Instant Booking Option?
How do guest get verified?

How can Guests book through Instant Booking?

They must complete signing up for an account and be verified to be qualified to book with Instant Book. Once verified the guest may now search for properties that are instant booking enabled. For reservations using Instant booking it is FREE and is an additional feature on the site.

How to complete guest account with eGetinnz?


How to enable or disable Instant Booking

It is the option of the host to choose to enable or disable instant booking on their listings. To activate this feature:

  • Log In to your account on
  • Go to My Listings and select the property you would like Instant Booking enabled.
  • Beside your property list, on the right hand side you will see an Instant Booking Button this should be enabled in your listing.

  • You can now start receiving Instant Booking from Verified Guest.


Verified Guest Process and Requirements

Guests may easily set up an account by providing information needed to start, but for guests to be qualified for Instant Booking they must be a Verified Guest.

There are several requirements that needs to be met. The following are:

Guests should provide a Government ID and it should be trusted (reviewing the account and setting it to Trusted will be done by Administrator).

To upload a government id and get Verified:

  1. Log In to your account
  2. Go to Profile Settings and wait to get verified.


Guests Requirements to make a Booking

eGetinnz would like to gather information before you can book and travel to your next destination. Guests will have to completely answer and create their account before they can reserve and make a booking.

This information makes hosts feel secure and comfortable knowing who they are expecting to arrive at their place and ensures that they will be able to contact the guest.

Guest information collected by eGetinnz upon registration.

First Name
Last Name
Email address
Contact number
Profile photo
Introductory message
Payment information

Host may also ask for identification prior to reservation.