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Trave Guide Asia

Asia is the largest of the 7 continents. There are 48 countries in Asia. Most people in Asia are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Arab. The main religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Christianity, and Shintoism. The largest cities of Asia are Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Dehli, Mumbai, Manila, and Shanghai.

Asia is surrounded on three sides by oceans. The Pacific, Arctic, and Indian oceans all surround Asia. The land of Asia is divided into six regions. These six regions are North Asia, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Each region has something unique to offer.

Travel Guide USA

America is a beautiful place. America is composed of gorgeous landscapes and many diverse people. People who come to this land to seek happiness which they cannot find anywhere else or the right to say what they wish. From free speech to demonstrating on the white house lawn, if the citizens of this country don't like what's going on in our government they have a right to say so.

Of any one person who shows us what the American dream can be its Martin Luther King, Jr. He wrote a speech that was read in Washington D.C. It is probably the most famous speech in American history. The "I Have a Dream" speech was written to motivate and educate Americans during the civil rights movement.

Travel Guide Europe

Europe is the second-smallest continent. Only Oceania has less landmass. Europe extends from the island nation of Iceland in the west to the Ural Mountains of Russia in the east. Europe’s northern­most point is the Svalbard archipelago of Norway, and it reaches as far south to the islands of Greece and Malta

Europe is sometimes described as a peninsula of peninsulas. A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides. Europe is a peninsula of the Eurasian supercontinent and is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas to the south.

Travel Guide Australia

The name of Australia comes from the Latin word Australis, which means southern. Since it lies entirely in the southern hemisphere, Australia is most commonly referred to as down under. Australia, being a country, is also a continent. Inland area its the sixth largest for a country and the smallest continent.

Australia is a very dry, thinly populated country. Very few coastal areas receive enough rainfall to support a large population. The largest group of Australian people live in two large cities, Sydney and Melbourne.