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eGetAdd (eGetinnz Advertising) provides enhanced placement, exposure and connection to the market we provide. Directly providing newcomers in the area useful Information on local establishments. Have a piece of the new market and let them know what business options they have from restaurants, entertainment, activities to personal services.

This provides better placement and has a rotational feature on the site. Ads are not listed alphabetically in this placement so all enhanced listings have an equal opportunity to get the same exposure.

This listing also has more photos for the visitor to view and the ad is more catchy because of the ad size as it is larger than the basic directory listing. This enhanced placement can be listed for 3 months, 6 months or up to 12 months depending on what the advertiser feels is best for their business.

check-mark Capabilities to Add customers previous reviews from their own.
check-mark Feature Business posting on all our Social Media Accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
check-mark Includes General Directory Placement.
check-mark Email Blast to Introduce their business to eGetinnz Clientele.

eGetinnz E-Coupon

You have an opportunity to join our Welcome Packet that we provide our travelers and market through eGetinnz E-Coupon. These are consolidated coupons designed to provide our travelers an opportunity to visit merchants and establishments near their travel accommodation during their stay.

We extend an encompassing solution that addresses the needs of merchants like you for marketing their business through the use of electronic coupons. It enables merchants to create, distribute, redeem thereby making the whole process seamless.

Sample Coupons



  • One system for creating, distributing, processing and tracking of eVouchers
  • Additional communication medium to market a merchant’s name, brand and special offers
  • The cost for issuing eVoucher is much cheaper and more convenient when sending out to target customers through email and SMS.
  • You can choose what type of discounts to provide where it can be a peso value or percentage discount
  • Less expense, no printing of vouchers and eGetinnz will take care of the distribution
  • Can be used exclusively or transferrable
  • Set the maximum number of use or duration period of your promo
  • Definable the expiry date of the eVoucher