Why should I advertise with eGetinnz?

By advertising on eGetinnz.com, you receive more than just placement on our website. Your advertisement will bring world class travelers customers who will can rate your services/product and most likely bring in more business. As we provide more exposure to sponsored ads with a rotational feature you are guaranteed more visibility and interest from our site visitors.

Can I switch to Sponsored Listing before my Basic Ad account expires?

Basic Ads Directory is valid for 12 months and any enhanced placement can be purchased. The date of activation for the sponsored listing whether it is for 5 months or 12 months will be added to your Basic ad directory as the sponsored listing automatically provides the advertiser placement.

How often do Sponsored Ads Rotate?

The Sponsored ad gives you enhanced placement and also a rotational feature to give equal opportunity to all our advertisers in this placement. Every hour the listings rotate on the site.

Will you provide ad analysis so we can track our conversion rate and know if our ad content is working?

The ad we provide does not give the user full access to the account, any information in terms of how many clicks the ad has received can be provided as a report which would be generated from our IT support team.

Can I customize my ad and are there additional charges for that?

The basic ad does not come with any customization as there is a basic format for all listings. The sponsored listings allow additional features and you can email us any changes in the data we need to update as we do not provide any access to the ad itself but have a support team available 24/7 to make any changes needed.

Can I opt out before contract expires and do I get a full refund for unused months?

We have a no refund policy as the time we generate, upload and activate the ad we already do the marketing for the site which includes all the ads we have active on the site. Any cancellation or early notification of removal of the ad will be done but we do not provide any refund for all ads paid.

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How do I create my Ad?

As an advertiser you just have to email us the information of your business. We have a template form which you need to fill out and then our Upload Department will be responsible for updating the information on your account.

How do I edit my profile?

Any revision or changes to your account will be handled by our Support Team. All you have to do is email us the changes that need to be updated on your ad and then we will have it done within 24 hours and will email you a confirmation that the changes have been completed.

How do I pay for my Advertising Listing?

We use a third party to handle all payments for our advertising models. We have an invoice sent and you can securely log in and make the payment. A confirmation will be provided for your purchase and we will also provide another confirmation from our support team.

How long will my Ad be published?

Depending on the advertising model it can be 12 months for the Basic ad, or 5 to 12 months on the Sponsored ads. We will provide a notification of the order and it will confirm the expiration date of your ad. Thirty (30) days before the ad does expire you will be provided a notification if you wish to continue so we can send out an invoice but the ad will automatically be removed 24 hours after the expiration date of the ad.

What are the different packages offered?

Our packages are Basic Listing and Sponsored Listing for 5 months or 12 months. Basic Directory lists the ads alphabetically while the sponsored listings rotate to give equal opportunity to our paid advertisers. Purchase of a sponsored ad automatically provides you a slot in the Basic directory.